The birth of this brand came thanks to a special insight that has always linked the company to its own territory, trying to give the brand its rightful place among the products of high quality and the territory in which the winery is identified. The Genius Loci which inspired our new line is to give a value to a territory that had once been a thriving point of trade and viticulture itself. Feudi Sant'Aniceto is like a bridge between the past and our future territorial company that will retain the original history of the place and at the same time modern vinification and attention that italian and foreign markets require.

The stylization of the logo refers to the remains of the front of Sant’ Aniceto Castle fortification dating to the Byzantine period. It was built in the first half of the eleventh century on the top of a rocky hill, between those who dominate the city of Reggio Calabria. The names given to the wines are based on figures taken from characters and people of our mythology, as witnesses of the strong bond between the area and a long period of colonization of the territory, that became a nerve commercial center for wines of the world then known.

Indicazione Geografica Tipica Calabria Rosso


Produced with 70% Nerello Calabrese e 30% Sangiovese grapes, cultivated on the Calabrian hills, between 250 and 450 metres of altitude. The vines exposed to the Calabrian sun acquire the particular characteristics that characterise this exceptional "Calabrian red".


All of our wines come from a careful selection of the finest vineyards, from the passion devoted to their daily care and winemaking techniques, and the land, soil and the influence of climate factors are fundamental to obtaining high quality. The respect and valorisation of these fundamental aspects contribute to making the Barone of Bolaro brand more and more synonymous with guarantee and quality.