THE OUR HISTORY – Barone di Bolaro


Barone di Bolaro Wine is born from the desire to link the love for its land, to the interest and passion for wine culture. The factors that have contributed to the realization of our company are various, including the territory with such characteristics, the sun, the sea, the wind and the geographical position which give at the Calabrian grapes a value of inestimable quality. Each of our wines, embodies the tradition, the history, the culture of the places our dream and the sacrifice of the men who made it.

The passion and dedication, the respect for the environment, and traditional methods are woven skillfully with the most innovative technologies. It's so that Barone di Bolaro continues his story, continuing to invest in quality to aim the excellence of its wines.


Each wine suggested, speaks a language who interprets the temperament of the own soil as the land from which it comes. The deep red color, full aroma, the complex and elegant tannins characterize and enhance our red bottle. The scent of the sea breeze and the beauty of the sun is contained in shades of our white wines, almost as a continuum between nature and the ability to represent the same wine in the bottle. These unmistakable characteristics allow us to obtain elegant wines where all components are in perfect balance between them to achieve a quality that makes it perfect for fine wines.


The first step that leads us to the production of our wines is the working in the vineyards. The company's business includes the production of our own grapes with 7 hectares of vineyards, planted with Nerello Calabrese, Sangiovese and Malvasia Bianca and another 12 hectares of vineyards located in Cirò Marina cultivated with Gaglioppo and Greco Bianco grapes. Thanks to the local bestower who agree with our brand philosophy, and the supervision of our engineers, all the products contain the optimal characteristics that need.


Aware of being witnesses of a prosperous past, we have to work trying to preserve what history has left us. The care and the respect for nature, the man's hard work and the attention to protect the environment and landscapes that surround us, are the principles that led us to the choices for the investments we have made and we are researching and planning, with the goal within a few years of being energetically autonomous and therefore totally environmentally friendly.

Thanks to the work done in recent years, the company has launched an intensive internationalization and has been able effectively to penetrate foreign markets also acquiring an interesting network of importers who believed in our project company. With the consensus just obtained we are now able to look positively at the future, through new investments to enlarge the business space and the continuing search for innovation that combines the cultural tradition linked to the context and modern winemaking techniques.
The wines who are obtained from vinification and maturation of our grape are: Cirò DOC Calabria (Rosso Classico Superiore, Rosè and White) and wine IGT Red and White that the company put on the market through its network of importers and distributors.